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The Starter Bundle

₱ 1,480.00

We know it's hard to pick just one type of Baken snack, so here's handy pack to let you indulge in all three. Our starter bundle includes our Real Bacon Crisps, Bacon Cookies, and Bacon Jam – everything you need to kick off your snacking revolution!

Tips to enjoy:

Real Bacon Crisps

Let your imagination run wild! Make these crisps a part of your breakfast routine- with eggs or over rice. Throw it into your sandwiches or slather them in your favourite dips and sauces. You can even crush these over salads, pastas and desserts. Discover totally unexpected and delicious combinations yourself. You won’t stop at one.

Bacon Cookies

Bold cookies mean bold ideas. These are great with milk, but dream bigger: ice cream cookie sandwiches, fancy s’mores, toppings for sundaes and cheesecake bars, a delicious crumbly layer in trifles. Pop one of these into your mouth and start dreaming.

Bacon Jam

The ultimate condiment! It goes well with anything, really! Glide it over toast, stuff it in a donut, pour the whole jar over cheese. In fact, don’t feel guilty eating a spoonful.


All of our products’ shelf lives and storage tips are stated at the back of the packaging. We highly encourage our customers to follow these recommendations.



1 x Real Bacon Crisps – Net weight 100g

1 x Bacon Cookies – Net Weight 165g

1 x Bacon Jam – Net weight 130g


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