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Hair & Body Fragrance Oil

PHP 660.00

Not your average hair oil! This hydrating, protective, and nourishing blend is an all-day fragrance and moisturizing hair and skin treatment all in one.

Vitamin E protects your hair from brittleness and environmental damage while locking in hydration and shine. Sweet almond oil contains omega-3 fatty acids which help strengthen and nourish both hair and skin.

Apply onto pulse points and on ends of hair to:

  • Hydrate hair and reduce breakage
  • Increase moisture and shine
  • Add a lovely fragrance for all-day use

Our fragrance oil comes in two options:


Made of the nostalgic notes of coffee and chocolate in Paris in the spring of 2015. Deep and warm, this fragrant blend is perfect for sparkling evenings and slow dinners.

Rafael, my love

Made with floral notes of a Singapore summer. Elegant and uplifting, this fragrant blend is perfect for bright brunches and sunny days.


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