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Paul Raymond
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Damien Bracelet in Noir Gold

₱ 3,000.00

Black Onyx and Lava Stone with 14kt Gold

Our ultimate best seller since its launch in 2016, Damien Bracelet in Noir is a perfect piece to wear everyday.

Closure Stretch

Material 8mm Black Onyx and Lava Stone

Hardware 14karat Gold Filled


A stone that gives strength, Black Onyx promotes vigor, steadfastness, and stamina. It also imparts self-confidence, helping you be at ease in your surroundings.

Lava Stone gives strength and courage to the wearer, giving us stability during times of changes. Also called Basalt, this uniquely textured stone calms anger and other negative feelings, balancing one's emotions. Since this stone helps keep one's tempers in check, it allows the wearer to work through life's problems in a logical way.

Our Gold Filled Hardware is 14karat gold mechanically bonded to a premium base metal. You get up to literally 100x more pure gold with gold filled than in gold plated. Needless to say, gold-filled jewelry lasts longer (mostly up to 30 years, but some last for a lifetime if taken care of properly) and stands up to wear and tear better than gold plated.

Please note: Given the craftsmanship employed in making this product, as well as the uniqueness of natural materials like gemstones, exact colors, sizes, shapes, and patterns may vary from the image shown. Every little difference is not to be considered a flaw but shall be celebrated as a distinctive characteristic of every PAUL RAYMOND piece.

Crystal Jewelry
Black Onyx
Lava Stone


XS (13-14cm)
S (15-16cm)
M (17-18cm)
L (19-20cm)
XL (21-22cm)
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