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Ancient + Brave
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Ancient + Brave Cacao with Collagen

₱ 2,299.00

A delicious smooth chocolate blend of luxury Peruvian raw cacao combined with generous amounts of highly absorbable, hydrolysed collagen peptides to nourish your skin from within. With organic botanicals comprising adaptogenic ashwagandha to help build stress resilience, nutrient diverse baobab, sweet earthy beetroot plus carob and cinnamon for a hint of natural sweetness. 

Each serving provides a rich source of fibre to support digestive function and gut microbiome. Our blend provides nutritional sustenance and an excellent source of protein for body conditioning and to help sustain your fasting window and achieve your ketogenic goals.

Together these botanicals and hydrolysed collagen peptides turn your brew into a comforting optimal daily wellbeing ritual.

250g (approx 25 servings)

Benefits of Cacao + Collagen

  • 2000mg of nourishing hydrolysed collagen peptides in each serving.
  • Rich in prebiotic fibre to support a balanced digestive system.
  • Excellent source of protein to support muscle mass and body conditioning.
  • Balancing ashwagandha to help build resistance to stress.
  • Nourishment to help avoid in-between meal snacking.
  • Deliciously warming chocolate ritual for mindful wellbeing.
chocolate drink
no dairy
prebiotic fibre
stress resilience
beauty glow


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