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It’s in the Basket!

Get a mix of your favorite fresh produce like pomelos, apples, oranges, fragrant pears, kiwis, mangoes, avocados, Japanese pears, Korean pears, and grapes.

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Hey Cacao! Chocolate Hazelnut Spread by 1919 Chocolate

NOT-ELLA! This sublime hazelnut chocolate spread will make you forget about all others. Enjoy it slathered over toast, with pancakes or waffles, as a fruit dip, or dare we say it— on its own, by the spoonful.

All-natural and vegan-friendly.

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Chicken Empanada by Casa Daza (Box of 6)

Like the original, but with chicken

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Dessert Box by Kapetan Coffee

Take flight with flavor infused drip coffee. Rip, drip, and sip, your best brew.

Each box contains 10 packets of the following flavors:
3pcs - Caramel
4pcs - Chocolate
3pcs- Hazelnut

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Chicken Empanada Box of 8

Mama Empanada's Chicken Empanada. An original recipe which has been passed down from three generations of moms since 1979.

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