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Deodorant Tofu Cat Litter Original

₱ 390.00

Say goodbye to litter box disasters! Introducing our incredible tofu cat litter, a game-changer in pet care. Crafted from natural cornstarch and peas, it boasts an eco-friendly composition that ensures the safety of your furry friend. With its optimal 2.0mm diameter, this litter outperforms others with its unrivaled clumping power and water absorption, simplifying the cleanup process. What's more, our litter is water-soluble, allowing you to conveniently flush it down the toilet without worry. Experience a new level of convenience and cleanliness like never before! But that's not all—our special deodorant particles effectively maintain a fresh and natural scent in your home. Transform your litter box experience today by giving our tofu cat litter a try!


🐱【Natural Plant-Based Ingredients】 Our original tofu cat litter is made from all-natural peas and cornstarch, ensuring a pure and safe clumping litter composed entirely of plant-based materials.
🐱【Instant Clumping】:This litter forms solid clumps within seconds, leaving no sticky residue at the bottom of the litter box. Its high absorption rate is five times better than other litters.
🐱【Dust-Free】With a dust-free composition, our cat litter eliminates the problem of tracking dust and allows for easy scooping.
🐱【Toilet Flushable】Our cat litter material is specially formulated to dissolve instantly in water, making it safe and convenient to flush down the toilet.
🐱【Superior Odor Control】 Infused with 5% deodorizing beads, our litter works diligently to control odors and keep your space fresh and odor-free.


Net Weight: 5.5lb


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