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Cherry Cat Scratching Ball

₱ 1,390.00

Introducing the adorable Cherry Scratching Ball, a purr-fectly delightful scratching solution for your fur baby. This charming ball-shaped scratcher is designed to keep your kitty entertained while adding a pop of sweetness to your home. Crafted with love, its vibrant cherry design will make your heart melt. Made from durable and safe materials, it provides a scratch-tastic surface for your cat's claws, saving your furniture from their mischievous paws. With its sturdy construction, this little ball guarantees hours of playful swats and scratches. Say goodbye to boring scratchers and hello to endless cuteness. Spoil your precious feline with the Cherry Scratching Ball and let the scratching adventures begin in the most adorable way possible!

Product Size: 10.6in*10.6in*22.6in


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